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About the RSMF

The Risk and Security Management Forum (RSMF) was founded in 1991 as a mutually supportive network of security and risk professionals from academia, business and Government organisations. We are a not for profit, vendor neutral organisation funded by individual subscription and do not promote individual or company commercial interests.

We use our broad-based membership to address a wide range of strategic and operational security risks and discuss strategies and processes to protect people, assets, information and reputation.

We run four seminars each year, the themes of which reflect security and risk-related matters of the moment as well as suggestions from our members.  We also organise ad-hoc meetings in response to sudden, unforeseen events.  Seminars and meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule – . We do not video or sound record, nor do we blog or take photographs.

Membership is by invitation.  The primary consideration for membership is the potential for the applicant to contribute to the forum. Focus is on:

  • The expertise or influence that the candidate will bring to the forum
  • For academic members, evidence of research and publication at an international standard
  • Ensuring the forum has balanced representation across all sectors

To request further information please email